Meet our core team.

Kallia Chrisocheraki, Founder

Artist, Tutor, Professional Freelancer at creations and activities

Konstantinos Tzovelekis, MSc

IT Pro, IT Security Specialist, Data Protection Officer Executive

  • Konstantinos is an IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in delivering high-quality IT services. There is nothing that he loves more than accepting technical challenges and seeking for new technologies. He is also a private tutor.
  • For the past 5 years he became involved in Data Governance, IT Security and compliance, transforming defined set of enterprise procedures to a plan to execute those procedures.
  • Planning and implementing the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise. He excels at windows / linux server administration, hyper-v virtualization and powershell, python scripting!
  • He is an open-source and linux lover and a movie, TV-show maniac. And a hard-core retro video gamer, of course!

Venetis Kanakaris, PhD

  • Dr. Venetis Kanakaris is an Electronic, Electrical, Computer and Communications Engineer with a strong academic background and big engineering training and experience. Ability to analyse a problem and provide solutions accompanied with the confidence to make ideas heard.
  • For the last 2 years he became involved in Blockchain Technologies, as well as in data fusion technologies in IoT systems. He specialized in Bio-Engineering, Sensors, Ad-Hoc Networks and Communication network modelling.

George Theodoropoulos

  • George is an Electronics Engineer with 15 years of experience in industrial automation systems.
  • He is also a microcontrollers and software development enthusiast.
  • He is involved in desktop applications, systems telemetry and IoT projects development.
  • He loves playing the piano.